Paul Taught Peter

Today 1st-6th graders learn that people can help others know how to live as believers in Jesus. In Paul’s letter to the Galatians, he helped Peter share the love of Jesus with all people, and not only with those who were like him.


Print one for each child. This is a great tool to have as you go through the videos. Each download includes the Activity Page for your child and a One Conversation page for you to use with the Bible reference and story.

Step 1:    Print Activity Pages

Step 2:   Watch Bible Story Video 

Before you press play, sit together and pray. Thank God for this special day to worship and learn about Him. Then, watch the Bible story video together. 

Step 3:   Read & Discuss The Bible Together

Use the Activity Page and One Conversation Page you printed to read and discuss the Bible Story together. Select an activity and talk about how it goes along with the story.

Step 4:  Missions Emphasis

Unit 3 Missions: Africa

  • Hide 10 pennies in the room. Challenge kids to locate and bring you the pennies hidden in the room. Explain that the cost to keep an international missionary on the job for one minute is about ten cents.

  • Review the missions story or show the video “A True Story.” Ask: “Why is every minute important to a missionary working with people who have never heard about Jesus?”

  • Pray and thank God for providing everyone with the ability to give offerings to missions, whether the amount is large or small. Ask God to protect and guide the missionaries as they do their work.

Step 5:  Pray 

  • Guide and protect our church, pastors, teachers, and volunteers to do Your work in our community.

  • Teach children to be bold and give them the courage to tell others about Jesus.

  • Show children how to live in a way that honors You, Lord.

  • Help our children to learn about You, God, and seek wise help from other Christians.

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