Growth Groups (Home Bible Study)

Our Growth Groups are still meeting (although virtually!), and this may be a great way for you to connect with people.  Through the Growth Groups list below you can search for a group or read some encouraging notes from our Small Groups Ministry.

The Growth Groups at New Life are the most important evangelism strategy. The vision is that every house is a church. Discipleship takes place in the Growth Group in an informal manner. In addition, praise, and prayer provides an environment that focused on God and specific prayer. Fellowship is important in the life of the believer. The Growth Groups fulfill twofold objectives, moving the new believer to leadership and executing a church planting approach. We have Growth Groups that focus on children, youth, singles, families, women, and men.


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family/ familia groups

Alex Neal (214)-263-6527                        Sergio Avila (214)-791-2585                         Victor Alfaro (214)-729-8239

Wednesday @ 7pm                                       Jueves @ 7pm                                                   Miércoles @ 7pm

Oscar Saenz  (469)-671-9391               Martin Cano (972)- 345-1497                    George Cordova (214)-598-0030

Wednesday @ 7pm                                                                                                                     Miércoles @ 7pm

Rigoberto Celio (469)-671-8619                Manuel Cisneros (214)-635-8666             Jorge Diaz (214)-202-7636  

Miércoles @ 7pm                                            Miércoles @ 7pm                                             Miércoles @ 7pm

Mario Duran (214)-931-5564                    Jesse Flores (469)-601-7209                      Nelson Fonseca (817)-723-8827

Jueves @ 7pm                                                  Martes @ 7pm                                                 Jueves @ 7pm

David Galvan (214)-566-2877                  Martin Garcia (214)-477-9436                    Leopoldo Garcia (469)-767-0899

Miércoles @ 7pm                                           Miércoles @ 7pm                                              Miércoles @ 7pm

Leonel Lau (214)-755-4776                          Jamie Leon  (972)-804-0153                      Jose Osorio  (214)-315-6210

Jueves @ 7pm                                                   Luenes @ 7pm                                                 Martes @ 7pm

Jorge Quintero (469)-520-7118               Javier Ramirez (214)-773-6381                   Ignacio Rendon (214)-497-0238

Miércoles @ 7pm                                            Miércoles @ 7pm                                            Jueves @ 7pm

Claudio Rodriguez (908)-656-2432           Raul Rodriguez (469)-834-8512               Eduardo Ruiz (214)-755-3537

Miércoles @ 7pm                                               Martes @ 7pm                                                 Jueves @ 7pm

Jose Ruiz (214)-861-5091                          Danny Santacruz (469)-554-5010           Juan Santacruz (469)-684-8973

Miércoles @ 7pm                                            Jueves @ 7pm                                                 Miércoles @ 7pm

Jose Torres (214)-455-9553                        Pedro Zapata (469)-446-7980

Miércoles @ 7pm                                               Martes @ 7pm

Children/Niños groups

ladies/ damas


Dan Lane (972)-757-3288

Wednesday/ Friday @ 7pm

Sandra Rios (469)-767-2327

Thurs. @ 6pm

Minnie Molengraf (817)-219-1974

Thursday @ 10 am

Marleny Rios (214)-682-8270

Thursday @ 7pm

Elvia Galvan (469)-556-9333

Thursday @ 10am

Youth/ Jovens groups

Singles/ Solteros groups

Jonathan Molengrapf (214)-769-0945

Wednesday @ 7pm

Rafael Vela (469)-583-6496

Wednesday @ 7:30 pm

Erik Salgado (214)-560-7778

Friday @ 7:30

New Life's Growth Group Director is


Contact Nelson Fonseca @